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While Kelsey has been a Quincyian her whole life, I’m a transplant.

While Kelsey has been a Quincyian her whole life, I was a transplant to the area. She likes to joke it’s the only way she could safely date someone in a small town without being slightly related to them. My father was in the Air Force, so I started my life at Alconbury RAFB in England, near Stilton, famous for its cheese. From there I moved to Upper Michigan when I was 5, Missouri at 10, and Kansas at 13. I went back to Upper Michigan for college at Northern Michigan University, where I studied Theatre, Film Studies, Creative Writing, Journalism, and Broadcasting, and ultimately leaving before finishing my degree. Recently, I finally finished my degree, earning a BA in Communications with a focus on Public Relations.

Though I never had a singular hometown, I do consider Marquette Michigan my home, and by extension, I’m a Yooper at heart. It was there I started a decade long career in radio that would take me out to California, back to Kansas, back to Missouri, and eventually here to Quincy where I met Kelsey. I have family spread across the country, from Oregon to Southern California, Phoenix to Wichita, Lower Michigan to North Carolina. 

I left radio when I felt I had accomplished all I could in the industry, and have since transitioned into a media specialist for a non-profit mental health organization. I love the work I do and it finally feels like I’m doing something that’s putting good out into the world. But you can’t keep that creative entertainer’s mindset down for too long.

Cooking is my one of my favourite past-times. I’m not a classically trained chef, never went to culinary school, and I have minimal flair and improvisational skills in the kitchen, but I do love finding new recipes to try, and I do know enough to try something new and go off-book.

Movies are my big passion. I’ve been fascinated by the art of cinema since I was about 10. The movie-going experience is my happy place, and I’ve been keeping track of every movie I’ve seen in theatres since 2003. I’m at 1012. I wrote movie reviews for my college newspaper, then hosted movie review segments for my various radio shows. I co-hosted a movie podcast called The Empty Theatre for a year and a half, then briefly turned it into a YouTube series, before bringing it back to the written form at The Empty Theatre.

In addition to movies, I also write about my other big passion: Music. I’m a professional fan, but just an amateur critic. Many moons ago, while listening to some classic rock, I decided that I needed to broaden my horizons and make sure I kept listening to new music, to interesting music. There’s a finite amount of Beatles records I can listen to on repeat, but there’s a whole world of contemporary music I can dive into and enjoy. Becoming a country radio DJ really helped push me out of my comfort zone, as country had been a genre I dismissed, even avoided. But I’ve come to grow quite fond of it, even if I lean more into the country you wouldn’t hear on the radio.



I tend to lean more into sci-fi, horror and fantasy films. But I love the pure art of cinema and watch a myriad of styles and genres. Kelsey is even getting me to begrudgingly watch more rom-coms.


Kelsey’s the baker, I’m the cook in the family. I have a core group of dishes I can do, both stove top and in a slow-cooker. But I love seeking out new recipes and trying new things.


I was raised on oldies and classic rock. I’ll never not thank my dad for that. But I was a child of the 90s and 90s era alt-rock, country, pop, hip-hop and R&B will forever be my jam. I’m constantly looking for great new music, too. NPR’s New Music Friday is were my Spotify lives every week.


I’m a rum aficionado. A conoussier. It mixes with all I consume, and I have it coursing through my veins. It is my lifeblood. That and a good stout. Dragon’s Milk if you’ve got it.

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