About the Determanns

The fire pit in our backyard is a source of joy, inspiration, conversation, and relationships. Countless hours spent around firepits have included date nights, friendly get-togethers, and family reunions. We got engaged around a fire pit. And we want to invite you to join us around our firepit now as we explore our shared interests in cooking, traveling, films, and the hours we have spent there have been some more our most meaningful. 

We met in 2018 at a work event. Kelsey baked cookies for the event. Her co-worker got drunk and sent Brodie home with a plate of said cookies, and the rest was history. Actually, the rest is a number of really fun stories, and we promise to share them in future posts. We live in Quincy, IL with our two pups, Kirk & Luke (Kelsey will tell you they were named after Gilmore Girls characters – Brodie will say Star Trek). We are set to legally become the Determanns in October of this year, even though neither of us plan on legally changing our names.

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