The Real McCoy 5 Year Rum Review

Real McCoy 5 Year Rum

I really should have planned this better. I would have bought all three Real McCoy rums they had on the shelf and then done a whole series. But I also need to make sure I have content on down the line. so I guess it’s good I didn’t. It’ll make for a good call back.


The Real McCoy is a Barbados single blended rum crafted in copper columns and pot stills then blended with spring water and aged in American bourbon barrels. This particular batch was aged for five years. Depending on the ageing and distillation process, Real McCoy rum runs a spread of price range, this particular 80 proof bottle was under $30


The label describes it as a softer taste with hints of vanilla, caramel and honey. It’s definitely on the sweeter side of rums, but not so sweet as to tread into liqueur status. It’s very much a straight-up rum. It doesn’t have that alcohol burn on the neat sip. It’s well blended to create a smooth sip that gives enough of a kick to put a little fire in your throat.

On the rocks, you get the beautifully chilled version of that and an even smoother sip. But because the rum’s bite is lessened by the blend, you have to sip fast or you’ll get it watered down. And no one likes a watered-down rum.

In a cocktail, this Real McCoy would make a great Cuba Libre or Dirty Mojito, something along those lines. It’s sweet enough that it wouldn’t need to be in a cocktail that has a myriad of ingredients or mixers. It doesn’t have that overwhelming “alcohol” taste that needs to be hidden. A simple, elegant rum cocktail would be a perfect match for Real McCoy.


I do normally enjoy a rum over ice, but Real McCoy is such a smooth sip, it’s perfect neat. A nice quick pour into a Glencairn glass and you’ve got a good drink to last you a while. Long enough to write a few blogs, anyway. As stated, this would be good for a simple, non-flashy cocktail. Anything complicated, and you’d lose the quality taste and flavours of the rum. I’m of the mind that the rum is still part of the drink, and you should taste it just as much as whatever mixer it goes with.


I wholeheartedly recommend this rum. I won’t say it’s the best rum I’ve ever had, but it’s definitely one of the more enjoyable rums I’ve ever consumed. It’s sweet, but not candy-sweet. You still get the alcohol burn, but the overall taste overpowers that burn. It’s good for a sipping rum, and it’s good for a simple cocktail. I’m kinda kicking myself for not trying this one earlier in my rum drinking career. It also makes me eager to start in on the other Real McCoy bottles my liquor store had on hand.

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