Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum Review

Last week, it was Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay white rum, this week, we turn to his Spiced Rum, a favourite variety of mine. I love what different distillers do to give the rum a good blend of flavours in the spiced rum. And where Chesney’s White Rum was just fine, his spiced is quite enjoyable.Continue reading “Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum Review”

Blue Chair Bay White Rum Review

In a previous life (as in up until two years ago), I was a country radio DJ. I enjoyed the music of Kenny Chesney. Never quite became a favourite, but it was always mostly inoffensive, easily digestible mainstream country. And as Kenny was positioning himself as the heir to Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back beach bum throne, he gotContinue reading “Blue Chair Bay White Rum Review”