Mount Gay Black Barrel Small Batch Review

Mount Gay Black Barrel Small Batch

This is another “Greatest Hits” rum, much like last week’s Appleton Estate, in that this particular distillery was recommended to me all those years ago, and I always find myself coming back to it, drawn to their usual rum, and their small-batch limited rums. This black barrel is one of those fun small batches.


This is Mount Gay Barbados Rum, special small-batch handcrafted Black Barrel rum. It’s a stronger than average rum at 86 proof. The label highlights its complex notes of spice and roasted wood, with the bold balance of spice and vanilla in its taste, and a citrus finish to the body.


The smell of the rum isn’t very fair to the overall taste of it. On the first sniff, it just has that sharp, burning alcohol smell. I don’t quite get that “complex notes of spice and wood.” It made me a bit nervous for the taste test. But then once you go in for the sip, you realize how much its smell masks the true notes of the flavour. It’s a very smooth drink, that’s the first thing that surprised me. Never judge a booze by its aroma. That’s when we move into the sweetness, the notes of vanilla. That’s the flavour that sits on the forefront. I get the citrus they mention in the flavour profile, but it’s all part of the aftertaste. Which is still dominated by that vanilla. And when I say dominated, I don’t mean overpowered. It never feels like it’s too much. Over ice, that citrus really comes out in force. In a very good way. You end up with the right amount of both profiles.


It’s such a versatile, balancing the warm taste of it’s oak barrell aging and citrus notes, with the smooth sweetness of the vanilla. It’s a great all season rum. You can have it with the lighter, crisper summer cocktails, and the flavours will enhance whatever beverage you drink with it. I’m sipping this on a gloomy fall evening nice and need, and it’s warming me right up. You can mix one of those bolder, simpler cocktails, the rum variants of traditionally burbon or whiskey drinks. This is this the rum that will do it all, but without feeling like a utility rum. It’s not versatile because it has to be. It’s versatile because it’s just that good. It’s that well made a rum.


Yes, I absolutely recommend this rum. If you want a rum that will enhance every drinking experience you have, this is the one to go for. Now, I do say that knowing I got a special, small batch, limited run rum. However, this is still applicable to Mount Gay original recipe, which I will eventually review, mark my words. But if you’re in the market for a rum, and you find yourself scanning the rum shelves for a perfect rum, whether it’s to sip on its own or make a nice fancy cocktail with, you cannot and will not go wrong with the Black Barrel small batch variety of Mount Gay. It is where you want to go, and definitely try before it disappears from shelves.

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