Probitas White Blended Rum Review

Probitas Blended Rum

Have you ever been drawn to a rum-based on the label or bottle? I bought Drunken Sailor because it was a fun label with words and music on it. I bought Probitas, this week’s rum because it was a plain, unassuming bottle and label. It looked classic, vintage even. And then I sipped the rum. And it was a delight


Probitas White Blended Rum is blended from rums from Barbados and Jamaica in two distinctly different distillation methods. The traditional coffey column still method of Barbados and the double retort pot still of Jamaica. What we, as the drinker, get is a finely crafted rum perfect for cocktails.


I always start neat, and with the smell. It’s got a very sweet aroma and taste on the first sip, but never too sweet. It’s a more robust sweet. It’s a sweet with intention. It doesn’t feel like it’s sweet for the sake of sweet. It’s there, it’s strong, it’s prominent, but it’s balanced out by the notes of smokiness. That doesn’t come through strong. It’s just a hint, but enough to keep the sweet in check. Over ice, both tastes become more pronounced. In this particular instance, I actually prefer it neat, though. Over ice it didn’t quite work. Which is weird, because it’s actually a perfect cocktail rum.


This is a great sipping rum, and definitely good for cool spring nights. It feels more like a spring rum, to get you prepped for summer, than it does a fall rum. But again, it’s a perfect cocktail rum. That little bit of smoke in the taste gives Mojitos just the right amount of heft, but never takes away from how light it’s supposed to be. It’s balanced by the tartness of the rum. An El Presidente with the vermouth and orange will benefit from the sweet, and get enhanced by that smokey flavour. Something in that family of cocktails, the simple, liquor forward cocktails, will be served well by this. It’s too flavourful (and expensive) to be used as a generic rum in a boozy punch or Location-based iced tea. But the right simple cocktail will really make this rum shine.


Absolutely I recommend this rum. If you’re looking for a quality cocktail rum for either entertaining company or just for your lonesome, Probitas is the way to go. It adds a full, robust flavour without taking anything away from the cocktail. It’s present and noticeable without dominating the drink. It’s good for a sipping rum either neat or over ice, I won’t say it’s not. But it’s better served in cocktails. Granted your mileage may vary on that. Maybe it is the perfect sipping rum for you. My personal recommendation is to use this in cocktails, though. You’ll thank yourself. Your guests will thank you.

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I've been a podcaster and radio DJ for over 15 years, and an appreciator of my favourite things for my entire life. That includes film, music, food and of course... a nice glass of rum.

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