Ron Reserva Especial de Colombia 8 Year Parce Rum Review

Ron Reserva Especial de Colombia Parce 8 Year Rum

Winter does call for a richer, bolder rum. Something to really warm you up on those cold, icy nights. Something that’ll mix well with hot chocolate. Or just be good on its own. Enter Ron Reserva Especial.


Ron Reserva Especial de Colombia 8 Year Parce Rum is smoothly complex rum featuring alternately sweet and spicy tastes on the swallow. The label highlights the oakey taste with notes of cherries and candied fruits. They recommend every which way to drink it, and make sure to point out the name “parce” means good friend, so make sure you enjoy with your friends.


I started this one over ice. That’s my general preferred method, as it really brings out and blends the flavours. The sweeter flavours tend to pop more, as these did here. But even over ice, the warmth of the rum really washes over you. Tonight, as I sip it for this review, I’m going neat, and it’s much bolder and richer. You get more of that oaky taste from its barrel aging. That rich sweetness really comes out in the third way I drank this: topping off a hot cocoa. It’s cold, it’s winter, of course I’m drinking hot cocoa, and of course I’m going to spike it. Spiced rums are fine for adding a bit to it, but this just added a bit of something extra.


This is a great sipping rum, and definitely good for the fall and winter. That warmth that encompasses you carries through from neat to ice to mixed in something. I didn’t get this into a cocktail like I had wanted, but I’d imagine this would do well in a rum variation on a classic whiskey or bourbon cocktail.


Absolutely I recommend this rum, especially if you’re looking for a rum for the next few months. But this is that rum you’ll go to for a hot beverage. I had it with hot cocoa, but this will be just as delicious in a late day coffee or a hot toddy

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