El Dorado 12 Year Rum

El Dorado 12 Year Rum

Look at that amber colour. Hot damn that is a good colour on that rum. That rich, bold colour matches the rich bold flavour of El Dorado, and it’s an exquisite rum that is a perfect all season rum.

What Is The Rum

The EL Dorado 12 Year rum is an absolutely delicious Guyanan rum aged in oak barrels. According to the label, it features rich flavours of fruit and spice. I’ve never had this rum before, and I’m very disappointed in myself for not experiencing it before now.

Enjoyed neat, El Dorado has a bold, full flavour. Not too sweet, not to harsh. One of the smoothest rums I’ve ever had. The sweetness is drawn out over ice, but never really dominates that flavour. It only enhances the all encompassing richness of it.

Best Way To Drink It

If you’re gonna go straight, neat is the way to go. No one flavour is too dominant so you just get this rich, smooth sip of rum that warms you all the way through. Sometimes ice enhances, but in this instance, I think it could bring the sweet out too much to throw off the balance. That one will definitely come down to personal taste. Try it in a citrus based cocktail, something like a Zombie, or even a Dirty Mojito would be well served with

Do I Recommend

Absolutely. I absolutely recommend it. This is the showy rum you bust out to impress your guests. This is the rum you need if you want to make THE rum cocktail. It’s a pricier rum, but absolutely worth it.

Published by Brodie Mann

I've been a podcaster and radio DJ for over 15 years, and an appreciator of my favourite things for my entire life. That includes film, music, food and of course... a nice glass of rum.

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